Saturday, July 18, 2009

What happened to the summer, and other life questions is already July, um, 18th, and here in Maine I don't even think we have hit the 80 degree mark yet! Plenty of rain, but not much heat or sun! I am usually in my studio working anyway, but I feel bad for my kids......

Anyway, on the days we HAVE seen the big yellow ball, I have moved my studio outdoors, so to speak. I spent several days carving away at a HUGE gourd vase I am making. What a job! The particular gourds I get are very very hard shelled, so the carving process is very slow and difficult. Once done, I have to then sand the entire carved area.....not a process that is easy for my sore, arthritic hands.

I also am still working on my new Mica jewelry line. Don't pass up those shiny little jewels you see as you walk down a dirt road!!! As crafters, we can surely find so many uses for this FREE BLING that Nature has given us. I have used it in several ways, besides the jewelry.

I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IDEAS FROM ALL OF YOU!!!! So....what are some creative ways you can think of to use the mica??? Leave a comment here with your responses, and the person with the coolest response just might get a neat little gift!!!!!

Okay..this was just a quick blog post....I actually must admit that I tend to space out on even having a blog until someone mentions theirs!!! Sorry...old age!!!!

Take care, and happy crafting. And let me hear those ideas!!!!!