Monday, October 19, 2009

Just a Quikkie!!!!

Hello to all my followers!!!
This is just a quik note....with the holiday season sneaking up so quickly, I am busy...trying get some new items finished for the shop. My MICA jewelry seems to be gaining popularity, so be sure to check it all out. I am also now offering Squirrel Proofing on my birdhouses, which customers seem to like!
So, give me a few days, then please check out my shop to see what might be there that is on your Christmas shopping list!!!!

Happy Hunting!!!!
Keep creating,


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  1. Cat,
    I just joined your blog and I too had many jobs but not until the last ten years have I been in the Art Field. I decided to go back to school and studied Graphic Design and last year I was tired of working for others doing design that they would make so many changes that it had hardly resembled my original concept. So I got out my art tools and learned some new things (Fused Glass) and jumped into the Etsy pond. BTW we just met in Etsy chat and I'll send out your supplies tomorrow. Hope to see you on chat again or visit my blog.
    Unlike other Etsy bloggers my blog is more personal than etsy related. Have a great day! Kellie