Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ok...This is a Good Thing

Been thinking about my blog here for some time. I have never been quite sure how to utilize it, and I must say that I still am not sure. But I think there must be some reason out there why so many people have them, and some people even seem to profit from them. I started this blog because it was a suggested addition to opening my shop on online "Mall" if you will, of all things handmade, with supplies and vintage items thrown in. The blog was supposed to be a way to help promote my work and my art. But I hated the way it looked, so I pretty much did little to use it.
After seeing how others were using their blogs, I decided that maybe it was time to revisit the whole concept. SO, I played around a bit.....changed the name.....and decided on a new start. Now that I am getting the hang of how to make the page actually look better, I will next decide how best to use it so that you, the followers/readers, actually want to come back and read more. I am open to suggestions and tips, and will be back real soon soon as I figure out my next step!!!!
Thanks to all for hanging in there while I tried to figure out this whole blogging thing!!!

1 comment:

  1. LOve the green background. You have a very cool blog indeed and i'll be watching. You're an amazing artist in your own rite and i hope you continue to do well in pursuing what you love to do.