Saturday, August 7, 2010

Part 2 OUR CREATIVE HOME Where I am Now....Seriously, I am LOST in the Space!!

Welcome back!
In Part 1 of my series, "OUR CREATIVE HOME", I talked about the process of finding the right spot in ones home to do your creative work, and stake claim to it. For me, the best of my choices was the spare bedroom, which I then moved into, and set up as best I could. So, to continue on from my last post.....flash ahead to now.
I moved into the spare bedroom. I bought 2 tables, a HUMONGOUS storage cabinet called the Scrapbox, and tons of those plastic stacking drawers. GUESS WHAT??? I have stuff all over the floor!!!!!!! I packed all my storage containers to the hilt, and the tables I thought I would be using for work filled with supplies as well. See, I am a multi medium artist. I never considered this when planning out my studio space, my Creative Home. Each medium we work with obviously has all these little "sub" supplies that are also necessary. In other words, my clay work also needs storage for all my molds, tools, pans, oven, coloring agents, etc etc etc. And since I am not willing to give up any of the many things I work with, I just am going to have to find a way, and places, that make it all fit and work for me AND the rest of the family. So... the process went something like this:
First, I sat down with pen and paper, and wrote down all my different art mediums. Clay, jewelry making, Needle Felting, Paper Crafts, Gourds, Painting, Glass/Mosaics, Kiln Pottery and glass fusing, etc.
Second, I decided which are the mediums I work with the most, and thereby, which items NEEDED to be in my actual studio space, and which things HAD to be there. The ScrapBox had to remain, since it is wayyyyy too big to even think of moving. So, all paper craft related items would stay in my studio.
Third, I scoped out my house for any possible storage/work areas. An unused corner, an extra dresser storing unused items, anyplace that can be repurposed will work. I found 3 such areas, one upstairs where my studio is, and 2 downstairs.
The next step began my BIG CLEAN...the actual process...the going thru all my "stuff", reorganizing it into more appropriate storage (plastic shopping bags really do not work well!!), and tossing anything that really was just plain old junk.
Enough of my rambling for this post. In my next entry, I hope to tell you how it all turned out, and summarize all the actual tips, plus throw in a few others to help anyone else out there who finds themselves LOST in their Creative Home.
As always, thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Sounds like you getting it all together, and on the right trail. LOL. It sounds like what my office and spare bedroom looks like. I really need to do something to them since they have so much craft supplies here and there. Sometimes I wonder how do I know where things are when I need it. :O) Have a wonderful day!!!