Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is really quite difficult!

I have decided that this whole blogging thing is really too hard for me, especially when I am not sure exactly what it is "doing"??!!??
Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy the concept. I follow several blogs, and visit some on a regular basis. But those blogs are by people who know what they are doing, or receive help in doing it. I am just a 52 yr old retired mom/artist, who started this blog to help promote my shop.
Now if I actually could get someone to help me, like, design it...add all the cool colors and bells and whistles like the really awesome professional blogs have...well...I would love that. SO would any of you who I still have left following me! And I have "looked" online for someone who does that sort of thing, but not sure if I was looking in the right place, or if I could afford to pay them. Most of my extra cash goes into my art supplies, and the advertising here with AdWords.
So, I understand if more of you drop from following me. I will keep this going, and would like to really have this be a neat blog, but al my efforts right now have to go into my shop, which really needs all the help it can get. Sales for me are non existent, yet everyone loves my goods....
If that changes, and I begin making sales, than I definitely want to snatch that special person away from one of those gorgeous art blogs with 3000 followers, and have them work the special magic on mine. Unless any of who know????
Take care, and keep creating!

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  1. Hey Cathy! Hope all is well with you! Summer has started! Have a fantastic one!