Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Humbling Realization....A Tribute, Really.

This is not a new realization, but it is something I do stop and take a good look at quite often. Today, I was just inspired to write about it.

What is it, you ask, that I am referring to? Talent. Ability. Creativity. I am so often amazed by the HUGE amount of creative and artistic talent that is out there in the world. People creating amazing things to beautify our world and our lives. I have only touched on such a tiny, minute amount of the talent out there. Just today, as I was on Twitter, I looked at one of the postings by It was a stunning, colorful bracelet made with a whimsical assortment of floral pieces. Even tho I rarely get the opportunity to wear much jewelry anymore, I decided I just HAD to have that bracelet. SO, I bought it! But looking thru her shop, there were SO many other beautiful things!

About a month ago, I ran across an item, also on Twitter, made by This shop sells handsewn items, and I asked about a holder for my new cell phone, and one for my business cards. Charlotte, aka BizzieLizzie, found the most awesome material! I am now the proud owner of a BEAUTIFUL matching set, plus she made me a matching keychain, too. But the items are made of such wonderful quality, and such care put into them! (When I get a picture taken, I will post them for all to see).

I also have bought from a new friend, Mary, whom I met on FLickr. I bought from her while back on Flickr, and we both opened our Etsy shops at the same time. Mary's shop is She makes amazing wire sculptures....I don't know how...but she does. She also makes the most amazing "paintings" out of 100% polymer clay. She does not sell those in her shop, but she has pictures of them on her Flickr site; they are unbelievable. I have never seen anything like them

I am only mentioning 3 people here, but when I think of all the other people, just even on ETSY , who make some of the most gorgeous and amazing things I have seen, I just get dizzy trying to envision the size of a space it would take to put all the artisans and crafters together at one time. And I feel humbled, if not even a little embarrased, to be in the presence of such talent. I really very often question whether I am good enough at my craft to be in the presence of such awesome, true talent.
I do not make that statement looking for affirmations or anything like is said to try to convey how very amazed I am by so many of the creations I consistently see just in my little corner of the world. And I actually get a good, warm feeling inside when I know there are so very many people out there who are devoted to what they are doing, and take such pleasure in doing it. I love looking at beautiful things.
So, when I saw that bracelet this morning, and started looking around some of the items in some of the shops once again, I got that warm feeling. I think I even got a sense of pride....maybe? Maybe b/c I am a small part of it all?
Anyway, I felt moved this morning as I once again was exposed to so many stunning and amazing handcrafted treasures, and felt moved enough to write this as a tribute to all of you.
Thank you, and please, please keep doing what you do.


  1. I agree. Every time I start looking at different Etsy shops I find, links posted on twitter, or pics from flickr, I'm amazed at sme of the things I see and the detail that goes into them. I end up spending WAY too much time looking and sometimes drooling over things I find. :)

  2. Awwwww Cathy - you have absolutely made my day. What a sweet, sweet post I've stumbled upon. I so enjoyed working with you and am so happy you are pleased with your things! It's folks like yourself that make what I do, so much fun! Thank you so much for this blurb - you've humbled me! =0) (((HUGS))) ~Charlotte